Step 1

building the frame

building the frame

Build the Frame

Cut 2" x 4"s for posts; 1" x 4"s for banding; and 1" x 2"s for dividers. Lay pieces on floor and build a couple of 2' square boxes from the 1" x 4"s. Set 2" x 4" posts in corners and nail in place to create top banding.

Set other banding on top of some 4" x 4"s to set the same height off the floor as for the bench.

Step 2

Add Dividers

Flip frame over and set in place. Check to make sure it's level using a carpenter's square, then secure all posts to the banding using wood screws.

Mark location of dividers and set first two in place (Image 1). Attach with brad nailer, then position remaining two across top and secure (Image 2).