How to Build a Birdhouse with PVC Pipe

Turn PVC pipe into a great birdhouse. PVC is strong, weatherproof and the basis of this easy-to-build birdhouse.


paint it up and set it free!

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Michele Beschen specializes in turning the basic into the beautiful—even the humble PVC pipe. Best known as the plumber's pal, PVC is strong, weatherproof and the basis of this easy-to-build birdhouse. It just takes a little pipe, a spiral saw and a desire to B. Original!

Materials and Tools:

4" diameter PVC pipe, 15" long
1¼" diameter PVC pipe
RotoZip or similar spiral saw
miter box and saw
scrap wood
silicone adhesive
3/8" bolts, 2½" long
3/8" nuts and lock washers
drill and 3/8" bit
spray paint suitable for plastic


1. Cut the 4" pipe to 15" in length, with one end cut at a slight angle. Michele Beschen used a miter box to cut the angle and steady the PVC.

2. Measure and mark a line on your 4" pipe about 4 ½" from the straight end, then angle your line down to the bottom of the pipe. Use the RotoZip to cut along the line, shaping the bottom of the pipe.

3. Clamp the 4" pipe to your work surface and use the RotoZip to cut out an entrance hole and any decorative touches you desire. If you want to engrave your pipe, adjust the depth of your bit so it only cuts half of the pipe's thickness.

4. Michele Beschen added a "door frame" to her birdhouse, cut from a scrap piece of PVC with the RotoZip. She secured the frame with screws so it could be removed or replaced.

5. Cut a roof for the birdhouse from a scrap piece of wood. Michele Beschen used wood that was ¾" thick and 7" x 7" square, tapering the edges.

6. Cut a circular piece of wood the same size as the inside diameter of the 4" pipe. Tap it into place and reinforce with silicone adhesive.

7. Once the silicone adhesive dries, you can attach your post to the inside of the "skirt" at the bottom of the house. Drill holes and attach using 3/8" bolts, lock washers and nuts. To finish the house, spray paint with paints suitable for plastic.

Note: These non-traditional birdhouses are fun to build and display, but they're not "up to code" for all birds. If you want to attract a specific bird species to your yard, do some research on that species or ask a local naturalist for tips. That will give you an idea how to best attract your desired birds while you B. Original.

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