Check Out the Area

Before starting to tear down a wall, make sure it's not load-bearing and that no plumbing or electrical lines are in the way. If any utility lines are in the wall – but the wall has to go – call in a qualified professional to deal with them.

Pro Tip

Clear out the room and spread a plastic drop cloth before getting started. Even the tidiest drywall removal makes a big mess.

Step 1



Score and Break Through the Drywall

Measure and mark the area of wall to be removed; for this project. Score over the marks with a sharp utility blade.

Use a hammer or small sledgehammer to break out the drywall, taking care not to hit the wall framing. Use a drywall saw or reciprocating saw for accurate cuts along the scored lines.

Step 2



Remove the Insulation

If the wall is insulated, carefully remove the insulation.

Step 3

Remove Studs and Framing

Use a reciprocating saw to cut through the wall studs and framing. Also use the saw to cut through the sill. Use a prybar to remove any pieces of the sill that are attached to the floor.

Step 4

Clean Up

Remove and dispose of all debris from the demolition. Be especially careful when handling and disposing of insulation: Brightly colored insulation can attract curious kids and pets, who could be seriously harmed.