Cut the Boards

Use a level as a guide to measure and cut plywood that will become the decorative cover for the face of the bed box. Cut the 1 x 2s that will frame the front of the bookcases, as well as two longer pieces for the top and bottom. Use the shorter pieces to connect the two long ones.

Step 1

Create Three

Cut boards to create three "faux" doors. Three panels for the doors should be cut from 1/4" plywood.

Step 2

prepare door pieces

prepare door pieces

Prepare the Door Pieces

To prepare the door pieces for assembly, use a tongue and groove cutter on the router. The blades will create a groove down the center of all four pieces of each door frame, as well as creative a decorative profile on the face of the 1 x 2 board at the same time.

Step 3

adjust blades and cut tongue on ends of boards

adjust blades and cut tongue on ends of boards

Check the Fit

When all the boards have been routed, adjust the blades and cut the "tongue" on the ends of the two short pieces. Cut them two at a time to keep the ends from splitting. Once it's cut, check the fit.

Step 4

assemble face frame and attach to footboard

assemble face frame and attach to footboard

Create the Frame

Assemble the decorative face frame and attach it to the footboard. Lay out the 1 x 2 pieces. Add wood glue to each piece and position. Use a brad nailer to secure it to the plywood to create the frame to which the doors will be attached.

Step 5

Adjoin the Frame

Add glue to the ends of the one of the short boards and insert the tongue into the grooves of the longer pieces. Use a clamp to secure them. Stand the frame up and slide the 1/4" plywood panel into the grooves. Glue the ends of the final piece and slide it over the end of the plywood panel to adjoin the rest of the frame. Add a second clamp to the other end.

Step 6

position footboard under bed box

position footboard under bed box

Position the Footboard

Position the footboard under the bed box. Align the 1 x 2 with the framing on the bookcases as a guide. Add shims to raise the panel even with the 1 x 2. Tack it in place with brad nails, and remove the footboard and place on its back.

Step 7

Nail the Footboard in Place

Add 1-1/4" screws to hold it in place and re-position the footboard. Use the 1 x 2 to align the footboard for the doors. Clamp the 1 x 2 even with the top of the cabinet doors, and slide each "faux" door up to the 1 x 2 and nail in place.