Entertaining Hacks For Hosting a Big Holiday Party in a Small Space

Don't let holiday entertaining stress you out, here are a few budget tricks to help you dress your home to accommodate a big crowd.

Photo By: Marc Kelly

Photo By: Marc Kelly

It's All in the Prep

Here are a few holiday hacks designed to make a big difference within a small space.

Conceal Electronics

If your television doesn’t match your winter decor, hang a piece of artwork over it to cover it up. Canvases tend to be light and easy to hang.

Hint: If you don’t have one like this on hand, you can wrap a blank canvas in any wrapping paper you like. You’ll be gifting your guests with a tech-free party.

Office/Craft Cart Turned Bar Cart

A simple can of metallic spray paint has completely transformed these beat up rolling shelves into a fabulous and functional bar cart. Cheers to that.

Add Layers

Adding different levels to your serving stations will allow you to pack twice as much food and dishware into a tiny space. This simple cake stand will bring a hot chocolate station to new heights. 

Use All You Got

Don’t be afraid to repurpose rooms for your party. This office area becomes a libation lounge when the bookshelves are used to hold snacks, condiments and serve-ware.

Don't Go For the Typical

Faux trees can solve a lot of problems, but their stands tend to leave much to be desired. No need to buy a fancy tree skirt, though. Tuck your favorite scarf around the base of your tree and start trimming.

Repurpose Pots + Planters

Chances are you don’t need to shell out big bucks for a designated ice bucket. Large planters, pots or festively-hued storage bins can add an unexpected bit of fun to your beverage stations. 

Use Nature, It's Free

No one ever said that garland must look like pine clippings. If you have any sort of decorative greenery lying around, feel free use it on your mantels. White lights help to define the holiday mood. 

Lights Don't Need to Be Seasonal

Your holiday lights don’t have to be seasonal either. If you enjoy string lights outdoors during the spring and summer, feel free to bring them inside for the holidays. 

No Need to Spend A Lot

If you’re in desperate need for more decor, you only need to invest in some wrapping paper. Wrap up any sort of boxes you have lying around and you’ll have an instant holiday vignette. 

Put Lights in Unusual Places

Shed a little light on that tablescape! Don’t spend hours stringing your lights. If you’d like to set a more casual tone, simply scatter, drape and pile those beauties around your buffet. Be conscious of the cords, however. No one wants to stumble into the new year.

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