Halloween Party Ideas: Create Spooky Centerpieces and Table Settings

Add a handmade touch to this year’s Halloween decorations with these stylish crafts and party ideas.

Eerie Doesn't Have to Cost a Lot

See how we created a sinister yet sophisticated setting for a Halloween gathering. Most of the materials and supplies to make this haunted-mansion setting were easily found at hardware, craft and dollar stores.

Create Layers

Black lace adds a mysterious combination of elegance and malice to Halloween decor. The lace fabric used for the tablecloth was found for less than $10 a yard on Amazon. Under the lace fabric, the table is covered with a drop cloth that has the shiny side facing up to give it a metallic glimmer. On the wall behind the table hangs a spider web made of thick wool. Clusters of paper bats appear to be flying out of the web.

Doily Placemats

The lace tablecloth is further layered with solid silver poster paper. Large paper doilies spray-painted black serve as placemats and continue the silver/black-lace look. The intricate shapes of the lace fabric and doilies are reminiscent of spider webs. Gray plates and glossy black wine goblets break up the patterns and add a reflective element to the table.

Stay Away From Expected Colors

Instead of the typical orange and red Halloween color scheme, we switched things up a bit and went with deep purple, mustard yellow and lime-green accents.

Start Fresh

Start your Halloween decorating by clearing and putting away all other decorations so you’ll have a clean palette to work with. Take down artwork, clear the mantel, and store other decorative items and linen.

Floral and Feather Centerpiece

For the centerpiece, purple and yellow silk flowers were spray-painted black with a few petals left unpainted. They were arranged in black vases and black paint buckets wrapped with black tulle. Crows and owls are added to the arrangement along with gourds and dried vegetables. To add height to the table, a few of the animals are placed behind the vase on painted spools, candlesticks or upside-down wineglasses.

Witch's Hat

Monochromatic witches' hats were made using black glittered card stock, which will double as place cards and party favors. To add texture, a piece of black tulle is tied around the base of the crown and secured with a bow. A black plastic spider secured with a dab of glue completes the hat.

You Can't Get Spooky Without Candles

Glowing candles bring drama to the table. Make your own votives by wrapping clear plastic cups with black lace ribbon and arranging them in odd numbers around the table, under or behind objects you want to highlight.

A Glowing Snack

Lime-green gelatin in clear containers make a sweet concoction. A few creepy-crawlies in each cup make the treats look like they just came out of the evil laboratory. Highlight these tasty treats with green glow sticks and place in a skeleton hand.

Additional Arrangements

Silver chalices are filled with silk flowers, dried artichokes that were spray painted-black and a few glittery spiders.

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