Give Old Furnishings a New Purpose

With a bit of imagination, furniture and found objects can do double duty in your home.
By: Susan Kleinman
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Pull Up a Chair

A chair is a chair is a chair is a chair ... except when it's an easel. (Photo by Vicente Wolf)

To the Manor-House Born

As soon as Raji Radhakrishnan got the table inside, she realized that it looked perfect in the entry — and so, there it has stayed for the past four years. (Photo by Raji Radhakrishnan)

Pantry Pride

Jean Stoffer has incorporated many antiques into her own kitchen and the kitchens of her clients, including a dish dresser that was built around glass cabinetry doors salvaged from the butler's pantry in her home. (Photo by Mark Samu)

"Cart" Blanche

Chairs as easels, closets as cupboards ... there really is no end to the way furniture can be repurposed. And even items that were not at all intended for residential use can bring beauty and function to your home.

Sweater Set

Fabricated of plastic and lacquered high-gloss red, the shelving units stand 90 inches tall. "Like any good runway model," says Jamie Drake, "they appear even more attenuated because of their slim lines." (Photo by William Waldron)

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