From Mix-and-Match Music Room to High-End Recording Studio

The Room Crashers team turns a mix-and-match recording studio into a professional studio with state-of-the-art equipment and rock star vibes.
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Before: Carpet Catastrophe

This outdated and poorly decorated basement doubles as a lounging pad and recording studio. Old equipment, mismatched decor and maroon carpet don't quite make the cut.

After: Rock Star Lounge

Not just a serious, high-tech recording studio, the renovated basement also features a mod lounge area for guests, surrounded by an impressive record collection and top-of-the-line instruments. A unique and unexpected source of light comes from the column, lit with red rope lights and faced with frosted paneling.

Before: Eclectic Disarray

The interests of the homeowner are clear as soon as you walk through the door, but the representation appears busy and uncoordinated. To create a usable, high-end studio, the team needs to bring this pad into the 21st century.

After: Creative Space

This high-end, professional recording studio is now ready to make music. Live edge pine wall slats, cork wall paneling and contemporary wall art revamp what were once plain, beige walls. Track lighting and rich, bold colors add an edgy and contemporary feel to this former basement.

After: High Style

A brand-new, professional atmosphere provides the best source of inspiration to create high-quality music tracks. Whether the artist is writing, recording or producing, the high-end equipment will certainly yield successful results.

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