From Dim Family Room to Beach-Inspired Living Space

The Room Crashers team turns an outdated, wood-paneled living space into a cozy and contemporary cottage.

Before: Uncoordinated Clutter

The outdated floor-to-ceiling wood paneling in this tiny cottage makes it difficult to coordinate any type of furniture without creating an overload of wood. This cottage needs proper lighting, a fresh coat of paint on the walls and brand-new flooring to really bring it back to life.

After: Beach Vibes

Once cold and dark, this beach cottage has now been covered in vibrant hues of orange, white, blue and green. The fresh burst of colors instantly creates an air of exuberance fitting for a quaint, whimsical home.

Before: Outdated and Out of Style

Stained-glass windows may work at churches and cathedrals, but the delicate floral pattern of these insets certainly doesn't fit the aesthetic of the current home. And in a space this small, it's easy to look cluttered and messy, even if everything is in its place.

After: Cottage Warmth

The wood-paneled ceiling was painted white for a distressed cottage look, but the old wall panels were completely removed and replaced with wallpaper and a neutral hue right below the molding. The old linoleum flooring was replaced with a maple floor in a herringbone pattern, creating a polished and sophisticated look.

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