Family Time 01:02

Here are the DIY Basics for creating a playroom for memorable family time.

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Interior wall paint
Rollers, trays, brushes
Stackable chairs
Bottom kitchen cabinets & countertop
Power drill
Wood screws
Pre-made cubbyholes
Clear sheet of plastic
1/4-inch plywood
Skill saw
Finishing nails
Hot glue
Lighting kits
Power strip
Photos made into transparencies

Step 2

Playroom to Family Room

Paint walls bright colors.

Buy durable, kid-proof furniture.

Build computer center out of bottom kitchen cabinets and countertop.

Build wall of pre-made cubbyholes for separation and storage.

Pro Tip

Create special family memories by turning an old playroom into a family room.

Pre-treated fabric or slipcovers will make stains easier to handle.

Get stackable chairs for extra seating.

A hard-surface floor is better for games and homework; add a soft rug for sitting.

10-foot countertop will allow for multiple workstations.

Step 3

Build a Light Box for Family Photos

Nail together thin wood strips the size of a sheet of clear plastic.

Nail back on box.

Cut hole for wires.

Hot-glue lighting kits along inside edges.

Have photos transferred to transparency paper and hang on front of box.

Pro Tip

Plug lighting kits into power strip so you can turn them on and off at same time.