Cut the Plywood and Attach the Molding

Determine the size of the table, cut the plywood to that size for the tabletop. We made our table 10" x 12".

Cover the exposed plywood edges with molding. Use wood glue and a nail gun to attach the molding. Only cover the front and two sides, the backside will be pressed against the wall.

Step 1



Connect the Corbel and Tabletop

Attach the corbel to the tabletop using wood glue and a nail gun.

Paint or stain the wood as desired and let it dry completely. We painted ours white.

Step 2



Secure the Table to the Wall

If the corbel has a keyhole notch in the back, insert a screw into the wall so that you can slip the corbel onto the wall. If your table is wide, you may also have to hang a cleat on the wall to support the tabletop.