Easy Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Bargain-shopping expert and do-it-yourself decorator Maria Calleia shares methods for using inexpensive items to create a warm and inviting home.



Couches covered with cut-rate curtain panels, pillows jazzed up with 50-cent cloth napkins, and shower curtains hung at the window are a few of the easy and ingenious ideas offered by shopping expert Maria Calleia.

Instant Window Treatment

Inexpensive tab-top shower curtains and cheap metal plant hangers come together to brighten a big window. Splashed with gold paint and hung upside down to support curtain rods, the hangers pair prettily with blue-and-white-striped curtains.

Romantic Cottage Theme

For a romantic all-over-the-house cottage theme, mix all kinds of floral fabrics and patterns -- the cheaper the better. Extend the mood by searching out bargain-basement antique accessories to which you can add your own flowery touch, as Maria did with hand-painted roses on a bargain urn.

Curtain Cushion Covers and Napkin-Covered Pillows

Cover worn couch cushions with cut-rate curtain panels purchased from an outlet store, and top them with napkin-covered pillows without ever sewing a stitch. Tuck the curtain panels around the cushions, and seam the marked-down pillow covers with hot glue.

Stamped Lamp

Crown a thrift store lamp with an inexpensive rubber-stamped lampshade. Maria stamped a fleur-de-lis pattern on a shade, filled in the pattern with permanent marker, and outlined the design with a gold pen.

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