DIY Valentine Cards, Gift Tags, Banners and Treat Bags For Kids

Skip the store-bought stuff: You and the kids can make custom cards, tags, decorations and goodie-bag toppers. They're inexpensive and easy. Just download our editable templates, add your name and the recipient's name and print.
By: Kori Clark

The Classmates Will Love These

Be original this year with these easy-to-make custom treat bags. Fill plastic baggies with candy or toys, download the bag-topper templates, add the names of the giver and receiver then print. Staple the toppers onto the baggies. Click here to download these toppers or, if you need more detailed instructions, click here.

Smartie Pants

Here's a clever way to give a classic valentine treat. Click here to download these tags.

Give a Cup of Cocoa

Fill a small gift bag with some hot cocoa mix, marshmallows and a candy stick. Customize the tags, print, then attach them to each bag. So simple. Download the template (six tags per page).

Pencils, Stick Candy and Twizzlers

For long, skinny treats and gifts, print out "sticky" tags. Click here to download the template.

Healthy Option

If candy is not an option at your child’s school, but you’re still looking to share a sweet treat – try an apple or applesauce. Download this clever tag to make the fruit even sweeter.

Rock and Roll

You can't get cooler than these jammin' little treat bags. Download these labels.

Candy Mustache

The tag reads "I mustache you to comb on over" — nothing like a good pun to make the candy even sweeter. Click here to download the template (six tags per page).

It's a Banner Day

Say whatever you want in bold red letters with a Moroccan-inspired background. Download and edit the banners to create your message then download a few hearts to complete it. Design by Kori Clark.

Heart Cards

These cute little cards are the perfect accompaniment to a box of chocolates or a small bouquet of flowers. Download and print.

I Am a Sucker for You

Everybody loves a big sucker; tag one with these adorable labels. Click here to download these tags.

Pencil or Paintbrush

Inspire creativity with a new paintbrush and a set of watercolor paints. The kids and their parents will be sure to thank you. Download this tag and “write” on.

Rock Candy

Chocolate "rocks" are all the rage (they're usually found in specialty candy stores), especially with monster truck-loving boys. Tag a bag with these tractor toppers. Click here to download the template (six tags per page).

Love That Banner

Decorate your home or your child's classroom with a festive banner. You can customize it to say anything you want. To make it easy, just clip each letter to the ribbon with a clothespin. Click here to download the letters and click here to download the hearts. Design by Kori Clark.

A Triple Stack

This cute card has three hearts on top of a light chevron pattern. On the back is a sweet little "be mine" heart. Click here to download.

Bag Tag

This treat bag couldn't be simpler to put together. Get some brown paper bags or colored laminated bags. Download, customize and print the tags. Punch a matching hole in the tag and in both sides of the bag. Fill the bag with goodies then thread the tag and bag together with a nice bow. Click here to download the template (six tags per page).

Gumball Express

This treat bag could be easier to put together – just fill a bag with gumballs, customize and print the tag, and then attach it to the bag with ribbon.

For a Treat Bag or Box

Giving a cupcake or yummy pastry? Add a note of appreciation to really impress them!

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