Measure the Basket

Measure width and length dimensions of basket and make note of them.

Step 1

Clamp the Balusters

Using two balusters, form X near a central flat section; clamp together so tops of balusters are spaced almost as wide as basket. Clamp remaining balusters together in same manner, matching shape of X.

Step 2

Drill Holes

Drill hole through crossed section on each pair of balusters.

Step 3

Insert the Dowel

Leaving clamps in place, slip one end of dowel through each set of holes, so each X forms a pair of legs at ends of dowel, making stand.

Step 4

Cut the Legs

Place stand upright. Using level and tape measure, mark a level horizontal line across upper end of each leg (marks will be diagonal to legs); cut each leg at mark, forming flat upper surface. Mark and cut lower ends of legs in same manner so stand is even. Sand cut surfaces to smooth and wipe off sand dust.

Step 5

Cut and Staple the Ribbon

Cut two pieces of ribbon, each 1 inch longer than basket width. Turn under 1/2 inch on each end of each ribbon. Staple ribbon ends to tops of each pair of legs (like a travel luggage rack).

Step 6

Position the Basket

Place basket on top of stand.

Photographed by Amy Herring
Produced By and Styled by Ingrid Leess
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