10 Ornaments Made of Upcycled Workshop Hardware

Repurpose leftover nuts, bolts and fasteners to create rustic-style holiday ornaments.

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Photo By: Brittany Bailey, PrettyHandyGirl.com

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Photo By: Elisha Albretsen, PneumaticAddict.com

Brass Fittings Snowman

Hung on the tree, or staged amongst your holiday decorations, this little snowman will win your heart. Stacked using hot glue, he's topped off with a hardware "hat" and turns on the charm with the help of three painted brad nails (two for arms and an orange one poking through as the nose).

Green Metal Wire Trees

Create a modern, minimal interpretation of a Christmas tree with all-purpose wire. Simply wrap the wire around a foam floral cone as tightly or loosely as desired. Slide out the cone and — kazam! — instant tree sculptures. Bonus points if you attach a hex nut or other small piece of hardware as the star on the top. Use an ornament hook to dangle it from your tree's branches.

Pipe Strap Snowflakes

Follow Brittany's lead, and consider new uses for your spare plumbing hardware. These pipe straps are reconfigured to look like a snowflake and assembled using string and beads. See exactly how she made it on her blog PrettyHandyGirl.com.

Bolt Tree Trunks

This rustic little tree ornament is made using a bolt (screws would work just as well). Ribbons were tied tight around the "trunk" and then trimmed with scissors to form the shape of the tree. It's charming and simply made, and would make a great holiday gift for friends with a special appreciation for the hardware store.

Washer Tree

Extra washers? Connect them together with colorful wire to create a special ornament. It hangs nicely from the tree and will create a lovely shimmer in the reflection of tree lights.

Hook In Nature

Did you know that you can turn an ordinary pine cone into an ornament by predrilling and screwing a hook into its end? Works like a charm, so put your prettiest pine cones to new use as ornaments on your tree.

Nail String Art

If you have a handful of spare nails, consider using them to create small-scale string art. Use scrap wood for the base, or – because we know it's hard to part with them – reuse those little square samples that you kept when you were shopping for new flooring. Wrap your design in a length of embroidery thread, and put a hook in it!

Nut Star

We know this is nuts (we also love a good pun), but when we learned how easy it is to use hot glue to assemble these oh-so-pretty snowflakes, we just had to try it. Lay out your design and then run clear, hot glue over all of the hardware. When the glue has hardened, flip it over to see how pretty it looks on the non-glue side. Small hex nuts work well because they're lightweight and a perfect fit.

Strap Ties Snowflake

Strap ties, machine screws, and dome nuts are the key pieces of hardware that Elisha Albretsen used to assemble this snowflake. See the tutorial on her blog PneumaticAddict.com, and you'll also learn how to can make a large-scale version to decorate your front door.

Why Not Just Make Everything an Ornament?

A tool tree is kind of our dream tree. Instead of letting your garden tools gather dust this winter, use them for decoration. This project does require a bit of commitment since you’ll need to drill holes to hang larger pieces, but it’s so much fun when it’s completed. Hang your garden tools in the shape of a Christmas tree and add ornaments and garlands for a festive touch. If you'd rather just use those components on your real Christmas tree, add hooks and still make a statement with your "workshop tree."

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