Decorating the 5th Wall 01:02

Here are the DIY Basics for Decorating the 5th Wall.

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Ceiling paint
Paint tray
Paint roller
Painter’s tape
Drop cloth
Crown molding
Miter saw and box
Nail gun
1 ¼-inch brads
Ceiling medallion

Step 2

Tips for Decorating the 5th Wall

For beauty and quality, decorate the 5th wall or ceiling.

Step 3

Paint the Ceiling

Paint the ceiling a few shades lighter than walls.

Pro Tip

Use flat paint for an elegant look with glossy white on the crown molding.

To make walls appear taller, extend wall paint onto ceiling and offset molding.

Step 4

Install Crown Molding

Pro Tip

For 10-foot ceilings or higher, allow 1 inch of molding per foot; 5-inch molding looks good with an 8-foot ceiling.

Combine two types of molding for custom look.

Order samples so you can see what molding looks like in place.

Use miter saw to cut molding.

Buy precut corners.

Step 5

Add Medallion and Lighting

Hang ceiling medallion and new chandelier.

Pro Tip

The taller the ceiling the larger the medallion can be.

Pair an ornate medallion with a plainer molding.