Decorating Ideas for Rooms With the Blues

Not just for beach houses and boys' rooms, decorating with blue can be original and urbane. Take a look at these beautiful blue rooms by color-savvy designers.
By: Susan Kleinman
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Beautiful With Blue

Designer Andrew Suvalsky likes to complement blue with one earth tone or neutral color to make the look more modern. Without an earth tone, anything from cream to beige to brown, blue color combinations will feel more traditional. Suvalsky's room, shown here, is an example of making blue modern.

Cobalt Kitchen

It's not every day you see an electric-blue kitchen. Then again, it's not every day you see a kitchen as fabulous as this one in a 19th-century apartment in Paris. The sleek, color-saturated cabinets are by Snaidero, with a Brilliant Blue finish in high-gloss lacquer. The contrast provided by soft cream walls helps to electrify the already bold shade. Ed Ku, of Coffinier Ku Design, Ltd., acknowledges that the effect is not for everyone, and should not be decided on a whim.

Jazzy Blues

Although the walls of this show house bathroom by designer Jamie Drake are covered in deep, midnight blue, the room looks and feels bright and airy thanks to generous splashes of white.

Balanced and Blue

While blue rooms often have a beach-house feeling, this bedroom in a New York City loft is 100 percent citified. Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz, whose firm designed the space for a London-based theater producer and restaurant owner, says that velvet is always urban. In addition to the velvet, the room is swathed in layers of other blue fabrics — the same deep, gorgeous shade in subtly different textures. White lamps and night tables make the blue look even more intense.

Blue, Take Two

A sofa covered in blue leather, sofa cushions in blue velour and deep blue drapery layer the color for an intense, enveloping and warm feeling. When the resident of that gorgeous blue bedroom (previous photo) decided to downsize, he changed his address, but not his favorite color. Turning to designer Andrew Suvalsky, an alumnus of Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz's firm, the client again requested blue, blue and more blue. Suvalsky delivered, beautifully.

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