Decorate With Upcycled Wall Art, Shelves and Storage

Cover your walls with something totally unexpected. Reinvent vintage items by turning them into artwork, storage or just a conversation piece to sit upon your fireplace mantel.

Photo By: Sarah Wilson/Getty Images

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Photo By: Sarah Wilson/Getty Images

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Photo By: Sarah Wilson/Getty Images

Photo By: Emilee Ramsier

Photo By: Emilee Ramsier

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Joanne Palmisano

Photo By: Emilee Ramsier

Photo By: Sarah Christine Wilson, Sarah Wilson/Getty Images

Photo By: Sarah Wilson/Getty Images

Photo By: Sarah Wilson/Getty Images

Car Talk

A collection of old license plates were laid together then cut into a heart shape. A happy message was added then the piece was centered inside a flea market frame.

Bowling School

The blackboards were rescued from an old school before it was torn down. The butcher block-style table was made from old floorboards salvaged from a bowling alley. Design by JAS Design-Build

Tony Hawk's Ski Cabin

Designers Cortney and Bob Novogratz remodeled legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk's mountain retreat. They lined a focal wall with old skis to add a pop of color and staggered the skis' placement to mimic the mountains outside the window.

Wood Boxes Turned Wall Mirrors

A pair of old boxes found at a salvage store were turned into a pair of bathroom mirrors. This easy project required no power tools and took just a couple hours to make. Design by Joanne Palmisano

A Pair of Pastels

When creating an art display, look for different ways that pieces fit together. This whimsical pair blends well because they are from the same timeline, they're a similar shape and both have a soft hue.

Diner Jukebox

The shell of a tabletop jukebox has come back to life as a wall shelf.

Colorful Wainscoting

Salvage lumber and molding are used to make wainscoting in this creative workspace.

Cocktails on File

A garage-door style file cabinet is converted into a well-stocked bar.

Handy Cabinet

A metal medical kit is transformed into an entryway cabinet for keys and small items. A wire frame from an old chair cushion is placed above to hold photos and memos.

Floor Boards Turned Shelves

With just a little prep, paint and some new shelf brackets, old floorboards became stylish storage. Design by Joanne Palmisano

Old Lockers

This rusty old relic serves as a conversation piece, storage and display space. Not only does it look cool, it hides a lot of little things behind the doors, or leave a door or two open to display favorite items.

North Woods Charm

The bow of a canoe makes a perfect bookshelf for a rustic cabin by the lake.

Game Room

A couple of Chinese checkerboards and an old pachinko game add a pretty pop of nostalgic color.

Worn Elegance

A collection of flea market oil paintings are paired with some gold-finish pieces to complement the shabby-chic whitewashed walls.

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