Decorate a Teal Pumpkin For an Allergy-Free Halloween

Display a teal pumpkin by your door to let trick-or-treaters with food allergies know you're providing non-food treats.

Photo By: Michael Hall

Photo By: Michael Hall

Photo By: Michael Hall

Photo By: Michael Hall

Photo By: Michael Hall

Photo By: Michael Hall

Photo By: Michael Hall

Photo By: Michael Hall

Something For Everyone

Have you heard of the Teal Pumpkin Project®? Halloween can be hard for children with food allergies. A teal pumpkin on the door step let’s children know that there is more than candy to be found at this house. Load up on small bubbles, pencils, tattoos, plastic fangs and of course teal pumpkins.


Use sequins, beads and sequin pins to adorn small foam pumpkins in sparkling shades of teal.

Fabric Pumpkins

Fabric pumpkins are easy to hand sew using a simple running stitch and a circle of scrap fabric. Stitch around the edge of a fabric circle and pull the thread until you have the desired shape. Stuff pumpkin with batting. Embellish with felt, fringe and glitter. These are so easy you are going to want to make a whole patch.

Ombre Glitter

An ombre look can easily be achieved on a small artificial pumpkin using craft glue and three shades of teal glitter.

Camper Pumpkin

The iconic aqua blue stripe of a vintage Shasta trailer lends it’s self perfectly to a teal pumpkin. A glittered (metal-flake) black truck with a Halloween tree is the perfect way to pull your camper.

Honeycomb Balls

Small teal honeycombs from a party store quickly become jack-o-lanterns with the help of triangles cut from sticky-back foam.

Vampire Treat Dish

Carve a large faux pumpkin into the shape of a wide-mouthed vampire. The kids will squeal with delight when they have to reach their hands inside to grab their goodies.

Masking Tape Mosaic

Use teal masking tape to create a mosaic on the surface of a faux pumpkin. The pieces can be as close or far apart as you want. Experiment with using orange, white and black pumpkins.

Globe Pumpkin

Old cardboard globes make perfect jack-o-lanterns. They are easy to carve with a craft knife, just be sure you choose one that is hollow.

Surprise Ball

Wrap allergy-friendly treats in teal crepe paper streamers. Shape them into a ball and seal them with washi tape to create a jack-o-lantern face.

Light Up

Pumpkin kits are readily available online as well as at most craft stores. Change things up and make yours teal by switching out the color of the bulbs and paper.

Raise Awareness

One in 13 kids that knock on your door can’t eat that candy you are handing out. Save the kids (and parents) a lot of heartache by handing out items these kids can enjoy.

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