10 Creative Ways to Use Doilies and Lace for Halloween Decor

Learn how to upcycle old doilies, lace stockings and crochet items to make inexpensive Halloween decor.

Photo By: Jennifer M. Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer M. Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer M. Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer M. Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer M. Ramos

Photo By: Jennifer M. Ramos

Webs at the Ready

Take advantage of the spiderweb-like vibes that doilies and lace have to offer. Old stockings, vintage crocheted aprons and the like can all get a festive fall makeover with the help of fabric stiffner and glue.

Webbed Wonder Throw Pillow

Use fabric glue to attach a small doily to a throw pillow. Don't forget the plastic spider!

Halloween Hostess With the Mostess

Ready-made hostess aprons can easily be embellished with something fun like a felt spider. Perfect for holiday baking in style.

Glow-in-the-Dark Spiderwebs

Hang glowing spiderwebs around your house. Use stiffened doilies that have also been soaked in glow-in-the-dark paint to make an array of webs. Complete the spooktacular look with die-cut spider embellishments.

Pantyhose Pumpkins

Old lace tights that have started to run get a second chance when wrapped around real or faux pumpkins.

Best Costume Awards

If you expect guests at your costume party to get creative with their costumes, it is only fair you get creative with the prizes. Stiffened doilies act as the backing for these over-the-top award ribbons.

Lacey Light

Use a faux pumpkin pre-cut for a diorama and cover with a doily using hot glue and decorative studs. Cut a small hole in the back for a light.

Halloween Horticulture

Use decoupage medium to attach lace and doilies to hanging glass planters, adding a little BOO to your boho.

Creepy Crochet Candles

Embellish a mason jar with layers of lace or doilies, spider optional, but highly recommended. Add a candle for some flickering atmosphere.

Doily Dishes

Imprint air-dry clay dishes with doilies. While the clay is still wet press in lace or doily for a spooky web like finish.

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