Creating a Big Game Room 01:01

Here are the DIY Basics for Creating a Big Game Room.

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Tools & Materials
TV stand
Soft area rugs
Side bench
Trunk coffee table
Golf clubs
Curtain brackets
Power drill
Blackout curtains
Family sports trophies
Wood screws
Skill saw
Floorboard from basketball court
Narrow sideboard or tall table
Bistro table(s)
Bar stools

Step 2

Tips for Creating a Game Room

1. Mount TV on TV stand.

2. Set sofa 12 to 15 feet away.

3. Put down shaggy area rugs soft enough to sit or lie on.

4. Get coffee table trunk sturdy enough for propped feet.

5. Hang blackout curtains from old golf clubs to keep glaring light off TV screen.

6. Make coat rack out of family trophies mounted on floorboard from basketball court.

7. If you don’t have room for a bar, create a pub.

Pro Tip

Watching sports and movies is twice the fun in a room designed for everyone.

Use ottomans, poufs, and side benches for extra seating and low tables.

Set narrow sideboard against wall for holding bottles and glasses; bring in bistro tables and bar stools.