Coastal Living Room Makeover

Laurie March, The House Counselor shares tips and tricks on how to give your home a relaxing beach-inspired style. 

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Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Mondrian Correa

Photo By: Mondrian Correa

Photo By: Mondrian Correa

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Escape to the Beach, Right at Home

It’s easier than you think to turn your living room into a coastal getaway. No matter where you live, with a few decorating changes, you can enjoy your own escape to the beach anytime.

Before: Lackluster Living Room

They aren’t called “living rooms” for nothing. Whether watching TV, eating or hanging with friends, we tend to spend a lot of time in our living spaces. These first-time homeowners just moved in, so we're going to turn their underwhelming living area into a relaxing, sophisticated space.

Out With The Old

To achieve the coastal cool design style desired by the homeowners, the first thing to go was the orange-hued floor. Not only was it outdated, it also clashed with the updated, neutral look they like.

In With The New

Engineered hardwood floors are amazingly durable and come in an array of beautiful colors. This gorgeous, driftwood-gray floor brings a lasting warmth into this space that will last for years to come, and it goes with a variety of design styles.

Break It Up

In a 1,000-square-foot home, every inch of useable space matters. This living area will serve two purposes, one as a living room for hanging out and relaxing, and the other half will become a foyer/playroom hybrid. Using an interior design trick, the two spaces are broken up with sand-colored area rugs.

If It Ain't Broke

When updating a space, you don’t have to toss out everything to make a change. A careful assessment of the furniture revealed several functional items that could easily stick around for the new look. The homeowners' previously purchased navy sofa and driftwood-colored coffee table meshed seamlessly with our new nautical look.

Every Ending is a Beginning

End tables can offer just the right surface and storage, and help tell the design story in a room. Place open and airy end tables near walkway areas and use more solid, sturdy tables to fill larger spaces that are out of the traffic pattern of a space.

Stylish Separation

To break up the monotony of a solid, dark colored sofa, consider using a blanket or other textile over the back cushion to add interest. This shibori pillowcase highlights an old Japanese style of tie-dye that yields sophisticated indigo hues and patterns.

Mix and Match

For contrast, an assortment of patterned pillows in blue hues and sunny yellows compliment each other on the large sofa.

Sunshine and Sand

With this sandy wall color reminiscent of the beach, yellow curtains with a tiny crosshatch pattern warm up the space while amplifying the sunlight shining through the window.

Nature Lover

Studies show having plants in your home increases oxygen levels and reduces indoor pollutants. Place them in baskets or planters that flatter your style. These beautifully woven baskets give the palms an extra boost of charm. Don’t forget to place a saucer in the bottom of the basket to catch drips when you’re watering.

Little Treasures

When creating a design scheme for a room, small details can have a big impact. Shells, urchin spines and pieces of driftwood on a vintage tray will make a striking place to reflect on some of the homeowners favorite treasures from beach walks.

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

An upcycled barn-wood plank creates a tiny shelf space near the door for personal photos and treasures.

Love Makes the World Go '€˜Round

A round, metal wall shelf is a stylish way to stay organized and display keepsakes from family travels.

Living the High Life

Living rooms should be functional, fun spaces we love to spend time in. Now, this young family’s living room has the coastal look they wanted, and room to grow in.

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