Deck the Walls With One of These Small-Space Christmas Trees

Don’t let a small space limit you from having a big gorgeous holiday tree. These DIY wall-mounted trees are unique, budget-friendly and they don’t shed pine needles.

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Cut a Kid-Friendly Pegboard Tree

A piece of pegboard was used to create this wall-mounted Christmas tree. Painted green and secured to the wall with mounting tape and a 1" spacer, ordinary pegboard hooks are added to serve as a hanging spot for your kid's favorite ornament collection.

Go Colorful With a Polka Dot Tree

Cut from colorful craft paper, this wall-mounted tree design can be made by kids. Use a 4" circle punch for ease, consistency, and efficiency. Apply pieces of double-sided tape to the back of each circle so that you can mount them to an available space in your home. (Deck those halls, little girl!)

Make a Rustic and Reclaimed Wall Tree

Bring the look and feel of a rustic Christmas tree to your walls with a tree sculpture made from twigs and yardsticks. Use the yardsticks as the base of the tree and then create branches by securing the twigs to the faces of the yardsticks with tacks or bailing wire.

Design a Washi Tape Tree

Washi tape trees are a favorite of ours for many reasons, but mostly because the opportunities for customization are endless. Big or small, you can create a tree so that it fits any space. Use contrasting tape colors to create ornaments or garland, or like here, use adhesive dots to attach pompoms that add indestructible whimsy to a narrow space near a kid's play kitchen.

Make a Greeting Card Display

This plywood tree is space-saving and functional as it doubles as a display for holiday cards from friends and family. Use pushpins and colored embroidery thread to create a taut criss-cross pattern, and allow it to fill with "ornaments" all season long.

Upcycle Scrap Wood and Build a Desktop Tree

Assorted pieces of scrap wood were utilized to create this tabletop tree. Atop a desk, it's designed to push flush up against the wall and is braced so it won't tip forward (perfect for your cubicle too). Stain it if you wish and then finish it off with a collection of colorful ornaments determined to keep you feeling merry all season long.

Craft an Easy Wrapping Paper Tree

Adding a decorative touch in a small entryway has never been easier. Wrapping paper and tissue paper can be trimmed and taped onto a wall in the shape of a Christmas tree to add holiday cheer. Position a bench below it and let it be a place that gifts can nestle during the season.

Attach an Evergreen Serpentine

Adhesive wall hooks are the magic ingredient for creating many a wall-mounted Christmas tree. This one makes use of lush evergreen and glittery garland. Start by twisting together the evergreen and garland and then hook one end high up on the wall. Allow it to twist and turn, left and right until it takes the form of a tree. Add a length of battery-powered lights and a half-circle "tree skirt" for extra appeal.

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