Brighten your Bedroom 01:02

Here is the DIY Download on how to Brighten your Bedroom.

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Paint tray
Drop cloth
Circuit tester
Tape measure
Pliers with rubber-coated handles
Heavy-weight ceiling junction box
Mounting strap
Bedroom furniture & accessories

Step 2

Paint the Walls

Start by painting one accent wall lighter than other walls.

Pro Tip

Simple contrasts of light and dark can brighten the look of a bedroom.

For perfect blend of shades, have your paint store lighten existing wall color by ½ or ¾ .

Woodwork and ceiling should be lighter than accent wall.

Step 3

Add Window Treatments

To brighten windows, opt for simple Venetian blinds.

Pro Tip

For seamless look, match color of blinds to color of woodwork.

Step 4

Update Light Fixtures

1. Turn off power at breaker and mark with DO NOT TURN BACK ON sign.

2. Remove old fixture.

3. Install new, heavy-duty junction box.

4. Attach new hardware to mounting strap.

5. Screw mounting strap to new junction box.

6. Wire new fixture like old fixture was wired.

7. Secure canopy to ceiling.

8. Replace shades and light bulbs.

9. Restore power.

Pro Tip

Focus design with large, brightly lit chandelier in center of room.

Use circuit tester to make sure power is off to old fixture.

ID wires with masking tape as you disconnect them.

Remove chandelier shades and light bulbs during installation.

Connect matching wire colors: white to white, black to black.

Remove ½-inch of insulation from new wires before attaching them.

Step 5

Add Furniture and Accessories

Finally, hang large mirror on accent wall.

Pro Tip

Use new furniture to further dark-light contrast.

A dark bed will make light bedding and pillows stand out.

Place darker dresser or chest of drawers against lighter wall.

Bring in light tones with accessories such as lamps and area rugs.

Photos or pictures famed under glass reflect light and brighten interior wall or corner.