Awesome Rooms From Man Caves

Take a look at how some of the most basic basements were turned into the ultimate guys' hangouts.

Photo By: Jamie Rector

Photo By: Jamie Rector

Pool Hall

Formerly two separate basement rooms, this new man cave sports a brand new pool table and plenty of bench seating. The new flooring is made from recycled rubber tiles, which means there is no danger of it getting dented by stray billiard balls.

Pool Hall Plus...

Opposite the pool table is the lounge area, featuring a new couch, entertainment cabinet and 50-inch TV.

Biker Den

This tricked-out space features a new bar and home-theater and entertainment systems. An old bike frame was turned into a stylish new console table (center).

Hog Heaven

This motorcycle-themed man cave boasts vintage signage, a custom-made Cadillac couch and sleek black tables. The metallic-finished tile floor looks and feels like cold, hard steel.

Snoop's Signature Style

This custom painting provides the perfect finishing touch for hip-hop mogul Snoop Dogg's new cave. This side of the room features a plush leather couch flanked by a mini fridge and various memorabilia.

Snoop Dogg's Cadillac Couch

Snoop's new hangout includes a custom couch made from the bumper of a 1961 Cadillac, two 50-inch flat screen TVs, a security system with video surveillance and a direct line to his favorite restaurant, Denny's!

Mets Clubhouse

Jason and Tony help a major Mets fan create a Shea Stadium-themed sports bar in his basement. The custom-made, stand-alone bar comes complete with a built-in beer tap, hot dog machine and glass-top display case full of baseballs. A replica of the Mets' big apple sits against the back wall.

Team Colors

Orange and blue, the Mets' classic signature colors are used throughout this themed cave. An adjacent area features two side-by-side flat-screen TVs for watching the game and keeping up with the scores.

Rockin' Lounge

The homeowner and his friends can jam in this rockin' space without disturbing the neighbors. A recording studio, complete with soundproof walls and glass doors is the star attraction in this manly cave.

Baba Booey's Upscale Sports Bar

What was once the unfinished basement of Howard Stern Show producer Gary Dell'Abate (a.k.a Baba Booey) is now an upscale sports bar, perfect for entertaining and displaying all of his sports memorabilia.

Cozy Ski Lodge

This winter-sports fan no longer has to leave the comforts of his home to enjoy the great outdoors. He now has a sporty ski lodge in his basement, complete with blended river rock, working fireplace, waterless urinal and authentic quarter-round siding that adds a touch of the mountains to any home.

Pool, Poker and Plasma

Howard Stern Show sidekick Artie Lange has the ultimate hangout for his beachside getaway. Special touches include a custom-made poker table and storage unit (shown with a TV atop it) complete with a climate-controlled humidor drawer for Lange's beloved cigars.

Sit Back and Relax

Just at the top of the stairs of Artie Lange's beachside getaway is a tricked-out man room that includes a posh seating area for watching that top-of-the-line plasma TV.

Boxing Gym

A white-walled basement was transformed into a home gym and hangout with plenty of seating to enjoy the big-screen TV, new surround-sound system and a custom beverage center with ample dual-door fridge.

Home Fight Club

This new home gym/man cave includes punching bags, weight equipment and a water cooler. The new rubber interlocking tiles look great and are perfect for a gym floor.

Golf Garage

Now this homeowner can take a golf vacation without leaving home. His garage was converted into a high-end golf practice area and lounge. The space includes a virtual-reality driving range with a curved wall, a media center and a sports storage area for all of his clubs and golf gear.

Great Outdoors, Inside

Jason and Tony helped an avid outdoor sportsman turn his basement into a place where he can chill out after a day out in the wild and store all his hunting and fishing gear.

Surf Shack

This surfer had his huge basement transformed to reflect his love of the sport. The room's entrance is designed to look like a tiki hut. Inside is a new bar, pool table with custom-built surfboard-light fixture, and to top it all off, there is a surf simulator so the homeowner can ride giant waves anytime.

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