Accessorizing a Nursery

Learn how to add the three categories of accessories to a nursery -- decorative, background and functional.
decorative and functional nursery accessories

decorative and functional nursery accessories

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Decorative accessories chosen for a nursery can include lanterns on the wall and books (not just on shelves -- they're also used to form little platforms to raise some items and create different levels).

Background accessories are those that are decorative as well as useful. Coat racks and cabinets can provide storage and also serve as display space.

Functional accessories serve a definite purpose: a good example of a functional accessory for a nursery is the pad on the changing table. It adds color to the space and lightens the look of the dark wood, but it definitely serves a purpose. Towels are functional; make them even more attractive by rolling them and tying with rope (or ribbon or raffia) and storing in a basket.

Bedding is generally the focal point of a room. Embellish a bumper guard and bedskirt with fabric taken from a set of bandanna-print sheets. Use the same fabric to cover throw pillows for the bed and rocking chair, and on the bed a matelasse pillow and sheets add further textural variations.

Decorate the wall above the crib with a staggered arrangement of silver-metallic alphabet letters, which add text and dimension to the space. On another wall, add a clock with a baby-friendly design among a grouping of metal stars. Try out such an arrangement on the floor first, starting with the largest item and placing the smaller ones around it until you've arrived at an arrangement you like.

Toys such as an adorable rocking horse add a further decorative touch. And when the little one gets tired, he can be rocked to sleep in the white rocker with its soft pillows. While she rocks her sleepy baby, Mom can rest her feet on a thick area rug underfoot.

Remember: When accessorizing a nursery, be creative and have fun. Let the accessories add personality to the room, providing stimulation to visitor and baby alike.

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