7 Super-Easy Decorating Ideas for Halloween

Turn your home into the spookiest house on the block this Halloween with these fun and easy DIY projects.
By: Camille Styles

Always Watching

Get your home Halloween ready in a flash with a decor idea that couldn't be simpler and incorporates everyone’s favorite crafting material: googly eyes! Simply purchase googly eyes in a variety of sizes, then adhere them in pairs anywhere and everywhere. From tiny eyes on glassware to larger ones on plants and furniture, this fool-proof project will have guests constantly looking over their shoulder and feeling like they’re being watched.

Bat Cake Toppers

Give a seemingly plain cake a scary makeover by topping it with handmade bats in flight. There's no animal quite as creepy as these little blood suckers, and when grouped at varying heights, they make a sweet coconut cake instantly edgier. Keep reading to see how to make these paper cake toppers.

What You'll Need:

To make bat cake toppers, first download this printable template. Cut out the bat shapes, and use a pencil to trace onto black card stock paper. Cut out the traced bat shapes, crease down the middle to add dimension, then use glue to adhere to top of a skewer, popsicle stick or straw.

Scary Monster Bunting

Using paper bunting to deck out your party space is nothing new, but have you ever noticed how much those pointed pennants resemble teeth? At this year’s Halloween bash, adorn a bare wall with bunting as usual, then add oversized eyes just above to give the banner an entirely different look. Guests will shudder upon first seeing the scary face, and best of all, it couldn't be easier to make. Keep reading to learn how.

Sharpen Your Teeth

Cut 8-inch tall paper triangles out of white card stock paper. Then use craft glue to attach the pennants to a long piece of twine, ensuring that the pennant corners are touching. Allow the glue to dry, then hang the banner.

Assemble the Eyes

Using 12” x 12” sheets of card stock paper found at the craft store, cut out two gray semi-circles and two purple “eye lids.” Then cut two black circles out of card stock, and use craft glue to attach all the components together as pictured. Once dry, adhere the eyes to the wall using double-sided tape to bring your monster to life.

Creepy Candlesticks

Add ambiance to your Halloween decor with a look that’s at once both creepy and romantic. Black taper candles can be found at just about any craft store, and when they’re set in repurposed vintage glass bottles instead of classic candlesticks, they’re instantly spookier. Light the candles ahead of time so that when guests arrive, the wax is already melted and dripping over the sides of the bottles.

Eyeball String Lights

Though it might seem like October is a few months too early to break out the Christmas decorations, those twinkling string lights actually have a place in your Halloween decor. Keep reading to learn how in just a few easy steps, you can use acrylic paint, a sharp edge and ping pong balls to transform classic Christmas tree lights into a frightening display of bloodshot eyeballs.

Get Started

Begin by using a sharp knife or box cutter to carefully notch an “X” into each ping pong ball. If your balls have a brand logo on them, score the “X” where the logo is.

Make It Realistic

Create the eyeball design by first painting a larger blue circle, about 3/4” in diameter, on the side of the ball that’s opposite the “X.” Once dry, create a pupil by painting a small black circle in the center of the blue circle. And once that’s dry, use a fine paint brush and red paint to draw squiggly “bloodshot” veins.

Put It All Together

Once all paint is dry, simply insert each individual string light bulb into the cut “X.” The ball should stay in place, and when the lights are plugged into a power source, the glowing eyeballs will have guests shaking in their boots.

Black and White Splattered Balloons

Nothing says “party” quite like a bunch of balloons, so why not dress yours up for Halloween with a coat of paint? A great way to involve the kids in party prep, these splatter paint balloons are fun, interesting, and above all, easy!

What You'll Need

All you’ll need to create these painterly decorations are white helium balloons, black acrylic paint and a large paint brush. In an outdoor space, liberally dip the paintbrush in black paint, and flick towards the balloon. Repeat until the splatter design is to your liking, then allow to dry.

Dead Flower Bouquet

Flowers aren't typically the first thing that come to mind when we think of Halloween decorations, but with just a bit of preparation, they’re the perfect addition to your creepy party or tabletop. To dry flowers, simply hang upside down in a dark, dry space for 1-2 weeks. Once completely dried, arrange as you usually would in a vase, urn or vintage glass bottle for a hauntingly beautiful centerpiece.

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