6 Easy DIY Rug Projects

Find ideas and instructions for creating handmade rugs, bathmats and runners.

Upholstery Fabric

Looking for the perfect rug to match your couch or curtains? Why not use coordinating home decor fabric. You can turn any heavy-duty upholstery fabric into a fabulous area rug to get the exact look you want.  Get the step-by-step instructions >> 

Classic Braids

You probably remember your grandmother’s braided rug, the one she made by hand and had in her house for years. We used old t-shirts to make a budget-friendly version that is easy and fun to make. Learn how to do it >>

Paint It

Get the exact design and color you want by painting your own rug. Use a low-pile or jute rug and latex paint for best results. It's easy, give it a try >>

Nautical Rope

No sewing is required to make this natural-looking rug. All you need is some rope, a no-slip pad and a hot-glue gun. Find the instructions here >>

A $5 Rag Bathmat

Don’t throw away old t-shirts. Turn them into a fun knotted rug or bathmat. If you upcycle old shirts, this project should cost about $5, the price of a mesh rug pad. It's worth giving it a try >>

Turn a Rug into a Runner

Get the length of rug you want by turning two to three floor mats into one long runner. This technique is super simple, it takes less than one hour from start to finish. Get the how-to instructions >>

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