12 Creative Ideas for Nightstand Alternatives

Do you want to save money and up your bedroom's style all in one move? We've got fabulous ideas for ditching basic nightstands and using what you already have instead.

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Photo By: Photography by Killy Scheer

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Taking Work Home

An old lawyer's bookcase is a stylish and useful nightstand alternative, with plenty of counter space, tons of storage and a unique, industrial look.

Tools of the Trade

Think outside the box, and consider a tool box for your bedside table. This Craftsman chest offers great storage, a pop of red, and a fun accessory to liven up the bedroom decor. Design by Tommy Chambers

Twice as Nice

Talk about more for your money. Make one table work double duty as two nightstands by simply cutting it in half and attaching both pieces on either side of the bed. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

Instrumental Design

According to designer Killy Scheer, you should never have to sacrifice style in even the smallest of spaces. She used her husband's accordion case on top of a stool as a nightstand that looks great but can be easily taken apart when the accordion is needed.

Just My Type

This old metal typewriter table brings tons of character to the bedroom with a cool industrial look. Plus, it's the perfect height for beside the bed!

Shelf Life

A wall-mounted shelf is the perfect bedside solution for tight quarters, since it provides a spot for the nightstand essentials without taking up any floor space.

Office Supplies

A vintage Knoll cabinet blends beautifully with this contemporary bedroom and offers lots of storage and a stylish midcentury modern vibe. Design by Kenneth Brown

Desk Job

A writing desk beside the bed is a smart way to utilize space. Not only is it large enough to store your lamp, books and alarm clock, but it also provides a private spot to write letters or work from home.

Aging Beauty

This desk has been painted several times and is almost 100 years old. Its character and charm look anything but cookie cutter in this eclectic bedroom design.

Borrowing From the Living Room

A solid wood end table brings a touch of traditional sophistication to this sleek, contemporary bedroom.

Natural Alternative

In this lovely bedroom, reclaimed logs are used as nightstands, which is a great way to save money, boost style, and bring the outdoors in.

Dual-purpose Design

A small table, upholstered stool, and stunning mirror come together in this feminine space to create not only a nightstand for housing a lamp and reading material, but also a small vanity for getting ready in the morning. Design by Nicole Benveniste

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