11 Fun Ways to Decorate With Mason Jars and Wine Bottles

Find budget decorating ideas using Mason jars and old bottles rescued from the recycling bin.

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Photo By: Susan Teare

Photo By: Sarah Wilson/Getty Images

Unique Chandelier

As seen on Flea Market Flip, vintage Mason jars in their rack were transformed into a very cool, industrial-style chandelier.

Wine Bottle Pendant Lights

You can make so many things with a bottle cutter. For instance, these kitchen pendants were crafted from three old wine bottles. They were cut just below the neck, wrapped in decorative wire then fitted with electrical fixtures. Design by Joanne Palmisano

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Number It

Vintage-style flip-top bottles are easy to decorate and add charm to any table setting. Fill them with spring water, wine or juice to allow guests to serve themselves at a dinner party, brunch or wedding reception. Design by Camille Styles

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Chalkboard Mason Jars

Perfect for large parties (especially if a keg is involved), large Mason jars are dipped in chalkboard paint to make personalized drinking glasses. Design by Joanne Palmisano

Light Up the Night

Blue and clear Mason jars are used to set the mood for a romantic evening outdoors. The jars are half-filled with sand, a votive candle is set in the center, then each one is hung up using string wrapped around the jar's wire closure. Design by Joanne Palmisano

Soap Dispenser

You can find these Mason jar soap dispensers at a lot of stores, but it is easy and a lot cheaper to make your own. Just drill a hole in the top of the jar and insert the pump. You may want to add a drop of glue to hold the pump in place.


To make a lovely window display, a variety of old bottles, votive holders and vases were swathed in twine and rope then adorned with flowers and shells. Design by Joanne Palmisano

Memory Bottles

Instead of a typical picture frame, display your favorite photos inside unusual-shaped bottles. Tiny shells, decorative sand or beads are placed in the bottom of the bottle, the photo is rolled inside then the bottle is sealed with a decorative cork and some pretty trinkets. Design by Joanne Palmisano

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Jug Lamp

A big bottle of vino was emptied then turned into a table lamp. The unique macramé shade adds the perfect touch of fun chic.

Christmas Tree Stand

For a holiday wine tasting, or after the wine tasting, fill the "dead soldiers" with some water, add a few gnarly branches, then trim them with ornaments and stockings. Design by Rima Nasser


Mason jars make the perfect kitchen windowsill gardens. The lid will help hold moisture when necessary. Plant your favorite herbs and watch them take off.

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