10 Ways to Decorate With Birch Bark

Crushing on white birch bark? Add rustic decor to your home with patterns and bark pieces from real birch trees.

Photo By: Joanne Palmisano

Photo By: MuralsWallpaper.com

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Joanne Palmisano

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Photo By: Emily Fazio

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Photo By: Design by Coleen’s Flower Shop in Dorchester, Mass. Photo courtesy BloomNation

Photo By: Joanne Palmisano

Upcycle Birch Bark Into a Wreath

If you have birch trees on your property, you'll know it's not uncommon for pieces of bark to peel away from the trunk. Gather the pieces to make a seasonal wreath. To make, attach pieces to a wreath form using wood glue and clamps. Apply hot glue if necessary. Accessorize with pinecones, holly leaves and assorted berries.

Create a Focal Point With Birch Wallpaper

Wake up to the beauty of birch trees every day by installing a wallpaper forest accent wall in your bedroom. Decorative wallpapers like this are easy to install, making it easy to transform the look of your room.

Turn Logs Into Luminaries

Add a woodsy glow to your entryway with a grouping of birch log luminaries. To make, cut branches in varying heights with a circular saw. Next, drill holes into the top of each log using a 1-1/2" paddle or spade bit deep enough to accommodate a votive.

Make a One-of-a-Kind Birch Coat Hook

Trim several birch branches evenly, and frame to create a unique entryway accessory. Branches lend themselves as hooks, so this piece serves as a functional drop-point for hats, keys and jackets.

Make Display-Worthy Birch Wood Colored Pencils

Use a handsaw to sharpen the end of a branch and a drill bit to bore a space for pencil lead, and you've successfully upcycled birch branches into desktop accessories. You can purchase charcoals, as well as colored-pencil lead, at craft stores and online.

Paint a Vase to Look Like Birch Bark

Making a faux birch vase is easier than you think. Start with a clean glass vase, and coat with brown spray paint. Allow it to dry completely, and wrap the vase with overlapping rubber bands. Coat the vase again with white spray paint, and let dry. Remove the rubber bands to expose the dark stripes. See the full tutorial here.

Frame a Mirror

Birch wood slices, available at craft stores, instantly create a rustic feel. Use a jigsaw and router to create a decorative mirror. Learn how to make one yourself.

Accessorize Candles for a Rustic Centerpiece

Buy sheets of birch bark (and fire-resistant faux bark) online, and use them to add extra appeal to your winter holiday centerpieces. Vendors on Etsy offer white birch sheets and veneers in all shapes, textures and sizes.

Wrap a Vase in Birch Bark

Adorn glass vases with birch bark sheets. If you have a large birch log, hollow it out using a paddle bit, and place a vase inside.

Design a Rustic End Table

Cut birch logs to length, and bind them together tightly with heavy-duty cord to create a balanced, rustic end table. Place the largest log in the center to help anchor the smaller branches into position. Place glass on top, adding glue dots to it to prevent it from sliding. Tip: Use a thick glass piece to keep it from tipping over.

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