10 Decorating Ideas You Can Do in 10 Minutes (and Some Less Than $10)

Learn how to take simple, everyday items from around the house and turn them into easy and stunning displays for your home.

Photo By: Susan Teare

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Joanne Palmisano

Photo By: Susan Teare

Photo By: Susan Teare

Photo By: Susan Teare

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Joanne Palmisano

Thinking Outside the Box (Or Bag)

Old bowling bags, briefcases or handbags make great upcycled floral displays. Simply place a glass vase inside the bag, and zip up the sides. Before you zip, you may want to stuff paper around the vase to keep it from moving around. Also, lay a plastic bag inside the bag to protect the bottom.

Buffet Camper

Look for unexpected items to hold utensils, napkins, condiments or flowers. Here, an old toy serves multiple purposes as a centerpiece, a picnic caddy and a fun conversation piece.

Metal and Glass

Recycled glass vases are easy to find at second-hand shops. This one is wrapped in chicken wire which is then held in place with colorful burlap ribbon and vintage brooch. The mix of delicate glass and rough wire, with the explosion of flowers, makes for a show-stopping bouquet.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Turn plain glass jars into hostess gifts or a windowsill display. Here, frosted paint was used to create a design on the jars. Then the jars were embellished with ribbons and filled with fresh greens. This project costs just a few dollars and takes very little time to make.

Spring Into Action

Old bed springs and glass votives come together to make a unique mantel display. Pull and twist the springs to make sure they are the correct height and width so they won't topple over. When buying the votives, bring the springs with you to the store to make sure they’ll securely fit together. If necessary, spray the springs with a sealer to keep the rust from flaking off.

That's a Wrap

A white oval-shaped ceramic container is given a face lift with vintage belts. Use a plain ceramic or terra cotta pot. Start in the middle, and wrap the pot with belts, overlapping each as you go. Tuck the ends of each belt into one another after you buckle them tightly in place.

Doily Central

Find a bunch of goblets, drinking glasses or dessert cups in the same color. Line the middle of the table with crocheted doilies, overlapping each one a little bit. Stagger the glasses on the doilies. Then fill each glass with either flowers or candles.

Time for Reflection

Create a wow factor with a clear and reflective monochromatic color scheme. Lay a mirrored runner on the table. Gather together a bunch of clear glass vessels, and fill each one with flowers of the same color. We spent less than $10 at the second-hand store for the vases and less than $10 for the flowers.

More Belts

Old leather belts are cut and hot-glued to an old ceramic cylinder. Depending on the size of your vase (and waist), it will take about three to four belts. Cut each belt to fully wrap (ends touching) around the vase. Then start at the bottom, glue each piece on tightly until you get to the top. Glue an extra piece of belt vertically up the back to cover the seam.

Holiday Centerpiece

Repurpose dessert and candy dishes as candleholders. Line the containers with pieces of birch bark. Then place a large candle in the middle of the container (make sure the wick is above or at level with the top of the containers). Then pour in dried cranberries or dried black beans.

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