15 Stress-Relieving Crafts (That Will Also Make Your House Prettier)

Put your mind at ease and your hands to work with these DIY projects that double as home decor.

August 15, 2019

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Photo By: Melissa Caughey

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Mini Face Planters

Now here's a project that we know will make you smile from ear to ear. When you have a few minutes to spare, pick up your fine-point, oil-based paint markers and customize some plain white egg cups with eyes, cheeks and little lips. After you've baked the cups in the oven to "set" the design, you can either top them off with succulents or leave them empty on your nightstand to collect rings and jewelry.

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Clay Jewelry Dish

Why not take a break from work to roll up your sleeves and roll out a jewelry dish? We think the golden rim will complement your earrings and necklaces nicely. Alternatively, if you have one trinket tray too many, use the dish to hold flash drives in your home office or to store a sponge by your kitchen sink.

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Subversive Cross-Stitch

Picture this: You, accompanied by a glass of wine, cross-stitching your way to a good time. If that's a moment you'd like to manifest, choose from our 18 free, downloadable templates with messages like "Sew What?" and "Be Kind or Leave," then get busy with your needle and thread. Once your cross-stitch is complete, frame it and hang it up in a prominent place, like above the key hooks in your entryway.

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Foraged Triangle Wreath

Going for a walk can help you clear your head and collect items for a simple, triangle-shaped wreath. Bring your pruning sheers and keep an eye out for branches, florals and evergreen leaves. Once you put it all together with paddle wire and waxed string, hang the piece on your door or mount it above your desk as a place for memos and notes.

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Gold-Tipped Feathers

While you're getting a breath of fresh air, you may as well gather feathers for this pretty DIY project. You won't need much (just some gold spray paint and newspaper), but in the end you'll have a shimmering bookmark or a chic centerpiece for your dining room table.

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Bohemian Bottles

Bring even more good vibes into your home with the help of these bohemian bottles. All you need are glass jars, oil-based paint markers and a steady drawing hand; the result will be totally eye-catching. While it's tempting to use these as vases, we also love the idea of filling the bottles with bath salts and lining the edge of your tub with them.

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Inspiring Gold-Leaf Globe

Have an old globe gathering dust? Use chalkboard paint and a gold metallic leafing pen to transform the piece into a motivational message. We think something like this would put a positive spin on your entryway table, where you'll see it as you depart and return from work.

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We've finally found something you can do with those cute, but out-of-date calendars: recycle them into coasters. Flipping through your favorite pages and cutting them out will help you slow down, while the end result will add some serious interest to your coffee table.

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Floral Coffee Cups

If you can't stop and smell the roses, then doodling some might be the next best thing. Using ceramic-safe paint and a thin brush, add abstract floral shapes to a set of white coffee cups. Then outline the shapes with a black paint marker and bake the bunch. While you could drink out of them, we think they'd also make adorable planters.

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Terra Cotta Corner

You definitely don't have to be an artist to transform terra cotta pots into a cool, global-inspired corner. This technique is easier than it looks; you'll dip your brush into thinned acrylic paint and lightly drag it across the side of each planter. Follow our step-by-step instructions below and then put those babies on your front stoop or back patio.

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Adult Coloring Pages

What could possibly be more relaxing than an afternoon spent coloring? Download one of our free, printable templates and use your tool of choice (we love colored pencils, but markers work just as well) to fill in all of the details. When you're done, carefully cut the page out and frame it; the photo could add a personal touch to a gallery wall or serve as a sweet addition to your child's bedroom.

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Clay Garden Markers

Carve out some "me time" by crafting little clay markers for your herb garden. You'll use bakeable clay, a rolling pin, cookie cutter shapes and small letter stamps to make these charming pieces that read "basil," "oregano" and "thyme." Of course, you could always hot-glue magnetic strips to the backs if you'd rather use them as cheeky refrigerator magnets.

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Potato-Stamped Tea Towels

Sometimes, you just need to stamp out your stress. And when that time comes, you should definitely make tea towels. Use a knife to slice a small potato in half and carve a triangle shape into one end. Then dip the potato slice in fabric paint, stamp it across the towels and let the design dry before hanging the linens in your kitchen.

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Pressed Floral Pictures

Savor the season's blooms by transforming your store-bought bouquet into a pressed flower display. With wax paper, an iron and our step-by-step instructions below, you'll create a custom piece that can work as wall art or a beautiful backdrop for your desk. Better still? Print out your favorite family recipe, surround the paper with petals and showcase the frame somewhere in your kitchen.

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Marbled Votives

Consider this an excuse to craft and then take a bubble bath. After you've gone through your nail polish collection and chosen a few colors, pour several drops into a container full of water. You'll swirl the polish with a toothpick, gently roll the glass votives across the surface and create watercolor canisters that are worthy of bathtime tea lights or your makeup brushes.

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