How to Make Hanging Planters From Recycled Bottles

Upcycle plastic bottles into planters for any occasion or holiday, or any type of plant from herbs to ivies.

The only thing cuter than a bunny planter is a hanging bunny planter.

©Jennifer Ramos

Jennifer Ramos

Check out this episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins for details on how to make a hanging bunny planter and a bonus milk jug Easter basket. Keep reading for the full how-to.


  • empty plastic bottles
  • craft scissors
  • paint
  • craft punch (small drill or awl)
  • cording
  • plant
  • pen

Clean out the bottles and dry completely. Trace the shape of a bunny onto bottles. Use craft scissors to cut out rabbits. Sand or trim any rough edges.

Use craft paint that adheres to plastic and coat the outside of the bottle.

Add details like pink ears, tiny noses and whiskers.

At this point, the bunnies can be tabletop planters. In order to make them hang you will need cording and a craft punch.

Use a drill or large craft punch to add four holes evenly spaced onto the top rim of the bunny bottle.

Cut two pieces of cording the same length. Run cording through holes making an X. Knot at holes and add a dab of glue to help hold it in place.

Photo by: Jennifer Ramos

Jennifer Ramos

Gather two strands at the top making sure the planter is hanging evenly and tie into a knot leaving a space for hanging.

Photo by: Jennifer Ramos

Jennifer Ramos

Add plants and hang. Perfect for Easter, but cute enough to leave up all year long.

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