PVC Planter

Build a hip elevated planter from PVC pipe! It's a great way to bring your plants up to eye level and give your garden more dimension.


Plumbing pipe never looked so good!

Plumbing pipe never looked so good!

PVC pipe is a crafter's friend: It's tough, cheap, weatherproof and easy to work with. B. Original host Michele Beschen puts this humble plumbing material to work in her yard with an elevated planter crafted from PVC. It's a great way to bring your plants up to eye level and give your garden more dimension.

Scroll down to see how Michele Beschen turns leftover plumbing materials into something fun and original!

Materials and Tools:

4" diameter PVC pipe
1" diameter PVC pipe and fittings or galvanized steel pipe
scrap wood
chop saw or hand saw and miter box
3" hole bit
1" hole bit
rubber mallet
glue or silicone caulk
paint suitable for plastics


1. Cut a 4" PVC pipe to 12½ inches long. Also cut a thin slice from the excess pipe; you'll be using this as a template later.

2. Find the center of your PVC pipe and use the 3" hole bit to drill a hole at the center. Drill two additional 3" holes, lined up with the first hole and spaced evenly between it and the ends of the pipe.

3. Turn the pipe over. Directly opposite the center hole, drill a 1" hole in the center of the pipe; your planter's post will go here. Switch to a smaller drill bit and drill two drainage holes, one on each side of the 1" hole.

4. Use the thin slice of 4" PVC as a template for your planter's end caps. Trace around the inside of the PVC slice onto scrap wood and cut out two circles of wood. Use a rubber mallet to tap them into the ends of the planter; secure with glue or silicone caulk.

5. Attach your post. If you're using a PVC post, you can use standard PVC fittings to attach it to the planter. (You may need to use contact cement or PVC adhesive as well.) Michele Beschen used a threaded, galvanized steel pipe as her post. Since it was a tight fit to her hole, she simply threaded it onto the end of the pipe. If you do this, make sure you keep the planter level as you thread it onto the pipe.

6. Now it's time to B. Original with some paint. Sand down the rough edges of your holes and prime your planter with a primer made for plastics before painting. Or, you could simply paint it with a spray paint suitable for plastics. Use other paint colors to dress it up, and you're ready for planting!

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