Looking for a New Craft? Try One of These Must-Have DIY Subscription Boxes

If you're wanting to try a new hands-on project, have one of these mail-order craft kits delivered to your doorstep.

Quilty Box

Each month Quilty Box delivers a selection of artist-selected quilting fabrics, tools, notions and patterns to quilters looking to build their own stashes. Working with members of the quilting community, Quilty Box offers ideas for a quilter's next project. Patrick Claytor took over the subscription service in 2015 as a way to give back to his own mother, a tried and true quilter.

Crochet Surprise

If you're looking to dedicate some time every month to do something creative, Crochet Surprise has you covered. This monthly subscription service sends everything you'll need to create something for yourself. Each shipment is always a surprise, so users can expect to set time aside for themselves to work on their crochet skills while challenging themselves to a new design.

Kiwi Crate for Kids

Tinker, create, innovate. Young makers look forward to a box of creative learning thanks to Kiwi Crate. Designed for children ages 5 to 8, each month subscribers receive a hands-on project that focues on art, science and engineering. Kid-friendly instructions take the child through the project, while an online gallery helps parents and adults with additional creative ideas.

The Crafter's Box

The Crafter’s Box mission is to inspire people to try new methods of crafting and experiment with their creative boundaries. Each month the members-only subscription service offers a creative discipline to try, from learning the basics of macrame to creating custom pieces of delicate jewelry. Founded by Morgan Spenla, subscribers take away the excitement of building with their own hands.

Tinker Crate for Tweens and Teens

Tinker Crate, another offering from the Kiwi Crate line of kid-inspired maker boxes, creates a lab-like experience for tween and teen crafters. Pairing creativity with innovation, the monthly subscription box offers a STEM project. Directions are delivered as "blueprints," and "Tinker Zine" offers additional science experiments and activies once the orignal project has been completed.

Ann Williams

Ann Williams' monthly craft subscription boxes offer programs for crafters of all ages from kids to adults. For younger crafters, you can select a box aimed at the child's age group  6 to 8, 9 to 12 or for teens. 

Ann Williams - Child's Kit

The boxes are always a surprise  no one box is ever alike  and offer easy-to-follow instructions. There are new DIY techniques to try that the company hopes will inspire a new hobby or passion.

Doodle Crate

For teens and adults looking to learn more about art, Doodle Crate is the subscription box for them. Every month Doodle Create delivers higher-end crafting supplies to help make an outstanding DIY project. The ideas run the spectrum of fun crafting possibilities, from making your own wooden clock to creating a set of color-blocked candles. Doodle Crate also pairs video tutorials with their kits, showcasing young makers as the DIY stars.

Paper Pumpkin

Paper Pumpkin by Stampin’ Up! is a crafting subscription kit that delivers creativity to your door every month. Each box includes everything you need to make a project and dedicate some much-needed crafting time to yourself every month.


Thanks to Pipsticks, sticker-loving subscribers can look forward to a colorful assortment of high-quality stickers every month. Design for both children and adults, each delivery has a variety of stickers and paper products inside. Stickers are delivered from around the world; you'll never know just what to expect when the envelope arrives each month! Add the stickers to a DIY project you're working on or start your own sticker collection.

Hobby Box

Looking for a new hobby, but you're not sure where to start? Meet Hobby Box, a monthly exploration into a new, crafty skill set. The monthly themes focus on arts, entertainment, electronics, or specific skill sets themselves. From lock picking to needle felting, Hobby Box offers a diverse selection for the crafter who likes a little bit of everything and is willing to try it all.

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