10 Maple Leaf Crafts for Fall

Looking for an alternative to the typical fall pumpkin crafts? Check out these unique ways to decorate with maple leaves.

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Make a Custom Piece of Art

While most people preserve leaves by pressing them in wax paper, this method creates a very brittle memento. Leaves preserved in glycerin are much more sturdy and can be used as stamps for custom art pieces. Get the how-to instructions >>

Create a Fall Wall

Change up your art this season with a harvest or Thanksgiving-themed gallery wall. Frame leaves alongside family photos and sayings such as “Fall Y’all” and “Thankful.”

Make a Dramatic Centerpiece

Wow your guests this fall with a maple chandelier. It’s so easy to create and such a fun centerpiece for Halloween and Thanksgiving gatherings. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

Decorate Your Pumpkins

Looking for an easy, no-carve way to decorate pumpkins? Use leaves as stencils to create a fun maple leaf pattern. Get the how-to instructions >>

Make a Garland

Need last minute party decorations? Grab some string and drape and tape a garland where you need decor. Mantels, staircases and doorways make the most impact. Grab some leaves from the backyard and pin them on the string. Bam. Pinterest-ready fall house. When the party’s over, just toss the leaves back in the yard or compost. Easiest clean-up ever.

Make a Wreath

Add some curb appeal and a pop of color to your door with a festive leaf wreath. If picking and preserving leaves sounds daunting, you can also find faux maple leaves at the craft store. Check out more fall wreath ideas here.

Even With Dried Leaves

If you missed the peak of leaf season, you can still craft with dried leaves from the yard. The crinkles and curls of brown leaves create an interesting texture for a wreath or garland. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

Go Monochromatic

You don’t have to turn your home into an explosion of yellow, orange and red for fall. If you’re into a more subtle color palette, try painting leaves white or silver. The look is still festive but super glam. Get the how-to instructions >>

Create a Tapestry

Want to change the art over your mantel? Create a dramatic leaf tapestry. This design gives the illusion that the leaves are falling into a pile. Get the how-to instructions >>

Try Classic Wax Paper

Pressing flowers or leaves is one of those classic DIYs that you have to do at least once in your life. And pressed maple leaves are a great place to start if you’ve never tried this craft. Popular opinion says to place a leaf between two pieces of wax paper and insert into a book, but we’ve found that ironing (gently, and without steam!) transfers more wax to the leaf which helps it last longer. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

Cook With Maple

You can get crafty in the kitchen with maple, too. No hate on pumpkin spice, but maple syrup is the perfect flavor for fall, from cocktails to popcorn. Get the recipe for this maple-chili popcorn from our friends at HGTV here.

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