How to Make Flavored Lip Balm With SPF Protection

See how fun and easy it is to make lip balm in different colors, scents and flavors.

Photo by: Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins

You remember to wear moisturizer with SPF. You put suntan lotion on your kids. What about your lips? Are they protected? Don’t worry, there is a DIY for that.

Check out this episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins for more details on making DIY SPF lip balm.

Photo by: Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins


  • 2 tbs. shea butter
  • 2 tbs. coconut oil
  • 2 tbs. beeswax
  • flavored drink mix
  • lip balm tubes
  • titanium dioxide

Make sure you use food-grade or makeup-grade supplies. Combine the first three ingredients into a microwave safe container. Heat in 30-second intervals stirring until completely liquid.

Photo by: Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins

While the ingredients are liquid add in some powdered drink mix for a bit of scent and flavor. Intensity depends on how much you add. If you prefer a bit more color in your lip balm you can add a bit of lipstick.

Photo by: Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins

Coconut oil has a bit of natural SPF. If you would like to add more you can add in 1/4 tablespoon of titanium dioxide or a bit of lip balm with SPF left over from last summer.

Photo by: Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins

While still liquid spoon into lip balm tubes and allow it to harden.

Photo by: Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins

Decorate tubes with washi tape.

Photo by: Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins

What color, scent and flavor will you make your lip balm?

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