Photo by: Jason Kisner

Jason Kisner

Once you see how easy these are, you’ll want to make them for any occasion. The best part is going shopping/foraging in your yard so it’s a great budget project, too.

Step 1


Go through your yard or public park and look for sticks with about a 1/4-inch diameter that are smooth. The more dowel-like it looks, the better. I really liked the knots and moss and lichen but all those bumps are hard to work with.

Step 2


Mark 4.5-inch sections in the sticks to cut.

Step 3


Cut sticks with outdoor pruning sheers.

Pro Tip

The dogwood was pretty tough. If you have trouble making a cut straight down, make two cuts on opposite sides and move the stick back and forth against the blade until it breaks in the middle.

Step 4


Tape off the areas you want to paint on the stick with painter’s tape.

Step 5


Paint a couple of thin coats of acrylic craft paint with a foam brush, allowing each coat to dry in between.

Step 6

Gild It

I was going to use metallic paint for the gold rings, but Hannah, one of DIY Network's graphic designers, discovered it is much easier to use a gold Sharpie. Just do little strokes until you make a full circle around the stick.

Step 7

Cut Wire

Take your copper wire and cut 10-inch pieces for each place card holder. Thanks to Hannah again for teaching me how to cut wire with needle nose pliers. So that’s what that thing in the middle is for… 20-gauge should do the trick. We tested a smaller size and it wasn’t strong enough.

Step 8

Wrap Sticks With Wire

Take two sticks and bundle together with a piece of copper wire. To get a tight wrap on the sticks, take your piece of wire and place the stick in the middle. Wrap the left end of the wire to the right and the right end of the wire to left. You’re crossing the ends over to create a tight wrap. Continue to wrap the ends around until you run out. Use needle nose pliers to press down any wire sticking out.

Step 9

Add Place Cards

Place your dyed paper place cards in the middle and adjust the sticks to stand on their own. These look so cute on top of Kelly’s block printed napkins!