A Dress Made for Ruling a Kingdom

Use a recycled T shirt, ribbon and some tulle fabric to make this easy ball gown.

Step 1

Cut the T-shirt and Tulle

Use scissors to cut 2” slits all the way around the bottom of the T-shirt (Image 1). Cut the tulle into 35” strips (Image 2).

Step 2

Tie Tulle to T-shirt and Pile It On

Tie each tulle strip in the center around the slits in the bottom of the T-shirt (Image 1). Layer several strips of tulle on each T-shirt slit. Continue all the way around the bottom of the shirt until you have used all of the tulle (Image 2).

Step 3

Layer On Ribbon

You’ll likely notice that where the tulle meets the T-shirt, there will be some gaps. This is where the extra ribbon comes in handy. Tie thick pieces of ribbon in loose knots all the way around the top of the tulle. If you have enough ribbon you can make them into bows. This will cover up the gaps between the T-shirt and skirt.

Step 4

Prep Bows for Sleeves

Cut the ribbon: two 1-1/2” pieces and two 1/2” pieces. Apply Fray Check to the raw edges of each piece and let dry.

Step 5

Create Bows and Attach to Shirt

Pinch one of the 1-1/2” pieces together in the middle (Image 1). Wrap one of the 1/2” pieces around the pinched center, and then pinch those edges together in the back. Use a needle and thread to sew the back center together to secure the bow (Image 2). Repeat for the second bow. Stitch the bows to the bottom of the T-shirt sleeves (Image 3).

Step 6

Make the Crown

To make the princess crown, you will need to download the crown pattern. Print the template out at full scale; do not resize. Choose which type of crown you would like and cut out that pattern piece. Cut out a piece of Phoomph to the pattern.

Step 7

Adhere Fabric to Phoomph

Follow the instructions on the Phoomph package and adhere fabric to both sides of the Phoomph. Depending on the pattern of the fabric, you may want to fold the Phoomph in half so that you can place the pattern on the fold (like our mermaid).

Step 8

Crown Ties

Use scissors or a hole punch to make a hole in each end of the crown to accommodate a tie ribbon. Cut two 15” pieces of ribbon, and tie onto each end of the crown. Place on child’s head and tie around the back to secure.

Step 9

Finishing Touch

Add a big bow in the back and you'll have a dress fit for a princess.