Dirty Jobs

This costume is very simple and inexpensive to make. The broom was crafted from a wood dowel and pipe cleaners and took less than an hour to make. For the outfit, we just used clothes we already had on hand. Then just added a little dirt on his face, (which most kids don’t mind) and that's it.

Step 1

Make the Bristles

Place two black pipe cleaners in an X shape on one end of the wooden dowel. Repeat by layering two more in the other direction to make an X the other way. Simply repeat the process until you have used as many pipe cleaners as to make your broom look full and mimic the effect of a chimney sweep’s broom.

Step 2

Cover the Glue

After you have your broom looking the way you would like it, glue the 2” black felt circle on the top to hide all of the hot glue.

Step 3

Spray Paint the Dowels

Spray paint the dowel black and let dry. Add the proper attire and you're ready to start sweeping up that Halloween candy.