Step 1

Gather Materials

If you need to buy new swtich plates and cover, know that they’re cheap. The plastic models at the store are sometimes priced as low as 25-cents each.

Instead of decoupaging (a popular approach for this craft) we purchased four rolls of tape. Between in-store sales and a few coupons, they cost less than $8! The two printed rolls are by Smash and the two glittery tape rolls were manufactured by Recollections. All are full of personality, and even if they’re not complementary to one another, they sure do look like a fun bunch.

Step 2

Cover Plates With Tape

Go wild. I created a few that were all glittery, a few that combined glitter and pattered tape and one that was solid polka dots.

Step 3

Trim the Tape

Have at least a 1/2″ of the tape wrap around the backside of the cover, and pay no attention to how the tape covers the access holes and screw holes. Once the plate is completely covered, use a craft knife to slice away any obstructing tape.

Step 4

Reinstall the Covers

The glittery ones ended up being my favorite and they’re an instant hit in this little girl's room.