Holiday Stockings Three Ways 06:39

Watch the step-by-step instructions of this project, plus two more DIY stocking projects.


If you have some ribbon and thread on hand, you could make this project without spending a penny. You just need an old sweater and some basic sewing skills. 

Step 1

Create Pattern and Trace

Create a pattern to get the exact shape you want. Draw a stocking shape on brown craft paper or a paper bag then cut it out. 

Turn the sweater inside-out and lay it flat on the table with the bottom edge lined up straight. Center your paper stocking pattern on the sweater with the foot facing toward the neck of the sweater. Lower the pattern enough so that the bottom of the sweater can be folded over to form the cuff of your stocking. Trace the pattern using a fabric marker.

Step 2

Secure Both Sides of Sweater

Remove the pattern and place enough pins so that the sweater material doesn’t shift while sewing. 

Step 3

Sew Stocking Shape in Sweater

Start at one side of the bottom of the sweater (the top of your stocking), sew all the way around using the traced line as a guide. Leave the top open and backstitching at the beginning and end. 

Step 4

Cut Stocking

Cut the stocking out of the sweater leaving a 3/4” seam allowance.

Step 5

Add a Loop

Flip the stocking right-side-out and fold the top down as a cuff. Sew a looped piece of ribbon into the stocking so you can hang it up. 

Step 6

Hang by the Chimney

Now you’ve got a quick easy, gorgeous recycled stocking that looks like you knitted it yourself.