Boho Sparkle

By using a stencil with gold fabric paint and glittery accents you can create a look that is both sophisticated and bohemian.

Step 1

Gather Materials and Print Pattern

The final stocking measures 18”h x 13”w (not including the dangling tassels). For smaller stocking, simply scale the pattern when printing to your desired size (70%, 80%, 90%, etc.). Download and print the pattern.

Step 2

Use Pattern to Cut Fabric

Cut out your fabric using the pattern pieces. Cut two mirror images for the stocking’s exterior, two mirror images for the lining, one stocking loop piece, and one each shaded accent pieces for the toe and heel.

Step 3

Add Accent Pieces

Place the toe and heel accent pieces on top of the right side of one of the exterior stocking pieces. Pin in place and sew around the edges to secure. 

Step 4

Prep Stencil

Use a little bit of tape to secure the stencil to the top of the stocking in your desired location. Make sure to do this on a paint-friendly surface (Put tin foil underneath the fabric to protect the surface below.)

Step 5

Paint Stencil

Use a sponge brush to dab the paint gently onto your stencil. Make sure not to shift the stocking when you are doing this, so you will have nice clean paint lines. 

Step 6

Let Paint Dry

Repeat the stencil paint process in other desired locations and then allow the paint to dry. 

Step 7

Sew Two Exterior Pieces

Place two exterior stocking pieces right-sides together and pin around. Leave the top edge of the stocking unpinned as well as the sole of the foot. Sew along the pinned lines. 

Step 8

Clean It Up

Trim the seam allowance around the curves where your accent fabric sits to remove excess bulk.

Step 9

Sole Fringe

If you want hanging fringe along the bottom of your stocking, cut a piece the same size as the sole of the stocking’s foot. Slip the fringe inside of the stocking, matching up the top of the fringe with the bottom raw edge of the foot.   

Step 10

Secure Fringe

Pin the sole of stocking closed sandwiching the fringe’s top edge in between. Sew it closed and then set it aside for a moment.

Step 11

Make Tassels

If you’d also like a dangling tassel on the top of the stocking, simply lay the tassel trim out nice and flat. Bring one of the tassel’s string up to the top.

Step 12

Make Tassels

Start wrapping the edge of the tassel in a nice tight circle. Continue doing this until your tassel is the desired width of your choosing.  Don’t forget to leave one of those tassel strings sticking straight up.

Step 13

Make Tassels

When you reach your desired width, cut and pin in place. 

Step 14

Make Tassels

Use a needle and thread to sew the top of the tassel together by going back and forth through the center of the tassel a few times. You can also whipstitch the tassel’s cut end down if desired. 

Step 15

Make Tassels

Repeat so that you have two dangling tassels.

Step 16

Pin Tassels to Stocking

Turn your stocking right-side out and pin the top tassel strings to the top back edge of your stocking.  Sew back and forth over the tassel string to secure in place. 

Step 17

Create Loop

Fold the stocking loop in half right-sides together and pin along the long side. Sew the loop closed, turn it right-side out and then press it flat.

Step 18

Sew Loop Closed

Bring the raw edges together to create a loop. Pin in place and sew a small line over the edges to secure. 

Step 19

Attach Loop

Place the loop along the top back edge on the right side of one of your lining pieces, matching up the raw edges. Place it approximately 3” down from the top edge. Pin and sew.

Step 20

Sew Two Lining Pieces Together

Place the two lining pieces right-sides together and pin around the side edges leaving the top open. Also leave a 5” opening along the back edge for turning. Sew it together.

Step 21

Attach Lining and Exterior

With your exterior stocking right-side out, and your lining stocking wrong-side out, slip the lining over the exterior matching up all the edges. They should be right-sides touching. Pin around the top and sew.

Step 22

Turn Right-Side Out

Turn the stocking right-side out and sew the opening in lining closed. Push lining inside of stocking and press. Fold down the top edge of your stocking so that the loop is exposed along the top. And you are finished!