Welcome spring breezes with these fun wind chimes made from terra-cotta pots. The kids will love painting the "flowers" and ringing the "bells." You can also try using a real plant instead of faux flowers! Choose small, drought-tolerant plants like succulents and use moisture-retentive potting soil.

Step 1

Paint the Flowers + Pots

Paint the flower petals, centers and stems, as well as the beads and terra-cotta pots as desired, then glue the flower centers to the petals and allow to dry according to the glue directions (Images 1, 2 and 3). Glue the stems to the blossoms and allow to dry. For stronger weather resistance or a gloss finish, spray the flowers, beads and pots with acrylic sealer outdoors and allow to dry.

Step 2

Create the Hanger, Part 1

Measure five 40-inch pieces of string, four for the hanger and one for the chimes. Thread the four pieces of string halfway through a washer and knot securely, creating 8 equal pieces of string on both sides (Image 1). Tie the last piece of string to the washer (Image 2). 

Thread the strings through the bottom of the large terra-cotta pot so that the washer remains inside and the string comes out of the drainage hole (Image 3).

Turn the pot upside down and thread another washer on the longest piece of string, then run it back through the drainage hole to keep it out of the way while you construct the hanger (Image 4).

Step 3

Create the Hanger, Part 2

Arrange the remaining string into four pairs and tie a knot in each pair 2.5 inches from the hole (Image 1). Next, take two adjacent pieces of string from two different pairs and tie a knot an inch down from the first knot, keeping them level (Image 2). Repeat, creating four new pairs.

Step 4

Create the Hanger, Part 3

Using the washer on the outside, pull the chime string out of the pot again and let it dangle down as you gently turn your pot over, holding the hanger strings up in one hand (Image 1). Even them so the pot hangs level and secure them by knotting them together about 4-6 inches up, depending on the height of your flowers. Set the washer aside for a moment; you'll need it again for the chime assembly.

At the desired height for hanging, tie a knot around your hook, or an extra dowel or a stick, and trim excess string (Image 2).

Step 5

Assemble the Chimes

With your hanger now secure, lay the pot on its side again. Make your first ringer by threading a little pot upside-down onto the chime string. Push it up all the way up so it is bottom-to-bottom with the larger pot (Image 1). 

Thread a washer onto the string up to the rim of the little pot and knot (Image 2) – the placement of the washer is where the little pot will actually hang. Note: If using a larger diameter line, you may not need a washer, as a strong knot will hold the pot in place.

Thread a bead onto the line a few inches from the washer and knot (Image 3). Beads with large holes may need to be double-knotted or glued. The placement between the bead and the washer will vary between bead sizes – the bead should protrude slightly from the pot so it rings against the rim.

Repeat these steps with the second and third pots (Image 4).

Step 6

Finishing Touches

Thread your remaining beads and decorations 2–3 inches below the last bead for your final ringer (Image 1). Trim away excess string. Even the ringer beads and secure all knots with a drop of glue if necessary. 

Put the flowers into the pot, using pea gravel to hold the arrangement in place (Image 2).

Hang and enjoy the music!