How to Make String Art

String art projects are all over the web. Try it for yourself, following our step-by-step instructions to make your crafting experience a whole lot easier.
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Tools and Materials

You will need 1/2” plywood, wood stain, polyurethane, 1” nails, string, Kraft or butcher paper, hammer, glue gun, measuring tape, pencil and a projector.

Wrap With Kraft Paper

Before starting your string art, remember to cut plywood to size, sand, stain and add a coat of polyurethane. Then, in order to trace the copy onto the plywood and pencil in the placement of the nails, cover the front face of the plywood with kraft paper.

Letter Tracing

Next up, use a projector to project the copy on the board. Then trace the lettering with a pencil onto the kraft paper. Once your copy is centered and correctly sized, trace the outline of each letter.

Nail Placement

Space the nails every half inch, and mark a dot all the way around each letter.

Hammer Time

Once all the letters are marked for nail placement, it’s time to start hammering.

Pull Off Paper

Now, it’s time for the ever-so-gratifying paper peeling reveal.

Nailed It

Check out your sign so far, and make sure nails are level and even.

String Theory

Tie off the first nail, string every third nail or so, and work your way back around a few times to catch all the gaps and give it a slightly erratic look. Then add a tiny dab of hot glue where you tied off the string on the last nail of each letter.


Now sit back, and enjoy your amazing string art piece!

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