Step 1

Gather Materials

Moss, wood slices and small wood logs are the materials for this project, all of which can be purchased at most home and garden big-box stores or online. There are many varieties of moss to choose from, but the most common and easy to use is Sheet Moss. Rock Cap and Cushion are also great choices. When purchasing moss, look for dried moss, it has already been preserved for artistic use and will not require watering. 

Step 2

Layout Design

Start off by laying a wooden tray flat on a table. Play around with the materials to create an interesting design, mimicking nature. Begin by gluing a small log in the corner, this will allow you to create a hill effect by gluing moss over it. A 3-D effect in the art piece makes the project feel more like a woodland scene than if just glued flat. 

Step 3

Secure Moss to Tray

When you get to a layout you like, use a hot-glue gun to secure moss in place. Because it’s a somewhat breakable material, I found it helped to unfold it off to the side of my tray, so that any dust or bits and pieces fell away. This helped considerably when it came to gluing the moss to the tray. 

Step 4

Adhere Wood

Add layers to give this piece more dimension. Tucking wood slices into the moss adds scale and charm. Use different sizes to create a more eye-catching and interesting design. A glue gun is the perfect way to adhere wood slices, but make sure to use enough glue and hold firmly in place for 30 seconds, while it affixes. 

Step 5

Clean Off and Display

After all pieces are secure, blow off any dust and set the tray upright to be displayed.