Today I set out into unchartered territory, embarking on an ambitious experiment to lure children away from screens. Because I was outnumbered (I was only one mom, and there were 4 screens in the room), I decided I needed some heavy artillery — namely, candy. Fortunately the experiment was successful — the screens were abandoned to make homemade bubble gum with a kit I got on Darby Smart, and a great (sticky) time was had by all. I think this just might kick off a “screen rehab” series of offline projects I’m going to start with my kids. Hope it inspires you to wrestle those tablets and gaming devices away for just a minute or two and have some fun IRL.

Step 1

Pour 1/2 c. of confectioners sugar onto the waxed paper, and use the stick to make a well in the center.

Step 2

Add the gum pellets, powdered flavoring and corn syrup to the microwavable cup. It takes a long time to pour out, which is, apparently, amusing.

Step 3


Microwave for 10 seconds on high, then stir, until fully melted. This is a step best left to grownups, as this mixture gets hot and sticky.

Step 4

Pour Mixture

Carefully pour the microwaved mixture into the confectioners sugar.

Step 5


Use the stick to start combining the mixture.

Step 6

Hands On

When it's cool enough, you can start using your hands to finish combining. 

Step 7

Add Food Coloring

Add the optional food coloring and fold to combine.

Step 8

Roll It

Roll out the gum into a big long snake.

Step 9

Cut Into Individual Pieces

It was pretty sticky, so I used scissors to cut into individual pieces. I rolled the gum pieces in the extra powdered sugar.

Step 10

Wrap It

Wrap the gum in parchment paper pieces.

Step 11