How to Make Flower-Shaped Christmas Ornaments

Not sure what to do with that leftover electrical wire in the basement? The solution is simple. Make a holiday ornament!

©Susan Teare

Re-Wired Decor

This is the perfect craft for the teenager or pre-teen in your house. In just five easy steps, you’ll have an adorable flower ornament made from left-over home materials.

Tools and Materials

For this project, you will need scraps of bendable electrical wire, wire cutters, scissors, a hot glue gun, large buttons or pieces of old costume jewelry or belts (we used a silver and turquoise piece from a broken belt) and ribbon.

Cut Wire For Petals

Cut the electrical wire into 4" to 5” lengths.

Bend Petals

Bend the strands of wire into a u-shape and place around the center piece to make sure the flower petals are about the same size and that you have enough to go all the way around.

Start Glueing

Place one of the bent wire pieces on the back of the center of the flower, and glue it in place. Hold the piece down until the glue dries (sometimes the wire will pop off). Do that for each piece of wire until you have a complete circle of petals.

Add Plenty of Glue

After attaching each petal, add a little more glue on the top of the wire in the back to keep them from coming off.

Tie On Ribbon

Add a piece of ribbon and hang your beautiful new ornament from your Christmas tree.

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