A Memorial Day Tradition

At some point during a past Memorial Day you might have seen organizations selling artificial poppies as a fundraiser. Do you know why poppies are associated with Memorial Day? The tradition dates back to the 1915 poem “In Flanders Field,” written by Canadian John McCrae. The flower was used as a symbol for soldiers who had died in battle. Shortly thereafter Moina Michael came up with the idea to wear red poppies as a remembrance symbol. According to the U.S. Memorial Day website, the VFW began to sell poppies nationally in 1922.

Step 1

Pin: Cut Petals

To create a poppy pin, cut out four larger petals and two smaller petals in red felt and one 1” circle from the black felt with the provided poppy petal template. Start the design of the pin by gluing two of the larger petals onto the disc across from one another.

Step 2

Pin: Place Petals on Wood Disc

Place the two remaining larger petals in the other direction. All four large petals should now be glued to the wooden disc.

Step 3

Pin: Add Glue

Add the two smaller red petals across from one another in the center of the poppy. Finish the design by gluing the black circle into the center of the petals.

Step 4

Add Pin Hardware

Your pin is complete by gluing the pinback to the opposite side of the wooden disc.

Step 5

Poppy Stem

To create a poppy stem, once again cut out four large petals, two small petals and one 1” circle. Using one of your floral stems, bend it in half and twist together, leaving a larger loop at the bent end. Bend up the bottom of the stem.

Step 6

Cut and Glue Petals to Stem

Cut the petal the same way you did for the pin. Add a small amount of hot glue to the bottom of one of the smaller petals. Place the wire into the glue. Add another drop of hot glue and place the other small petal on top to create a felt-wire sandwich. Let cool.

Step 7

Add Second Petal to Stem

Repeat the same technique to glue two of the larger petals to the petal sandwich. Let cool.

Step 8

Add Final Petals

With the two remaining larger petals you’ll add them to the poppy so that all four petals surround the center of the flower. Glue into place and let cool.

Step 9

Add Floral Tape

Starting at the top, wrap the floral tape several times around the base of the petals, making sure to smooth the tape as you wind it to create a secure bond.

Step 10

Wrap Entire Stem

Continue wrapping the tape down the length of the stem, smoothing it as you go. Once you reach the bottom, start working your way back up to the top of the stem. Rip off the tape once you are done and smooth into place.

Step 11

Shape Flower

Fold down each of the petals to shape your flower. Bend the wire loop to one side and hot glue the black circle on top. Let cool.

Step 12

Add a Ribbon

Present your flower with a ribbon around the stem or place into a small milk jar to use as a vase.